Vestnik Sibirskogo gosudarstvennogo
aerokosmicheskogo universiteta
imeni akademika M. F. Reshetneva (Vestnik SibGAU) 
ISSN 1816-9724

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Igor V. Kovalev
Chief Editor, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Professor, Rector of SibSAU

"Vestnik SibGAU" is the main scientific publication of the Reshetnev Siberian State Aerospace University.

The story of the Journal began in 2000. “Vestnik SAA”, the first issue of the Siberian Aerospace Academy, was dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Academy. For 30 years SAA had been widely recognized both in Russia and abroad.

In 2002 the Academy was awarded the status of the Siberian State Aerospace University and the Journal was called “Vestnik Sibirskogo gosudarstvennogo aerokosmicheskogo universiteta imeni akademika M. F. Reshetneva (Vestnik SibGAU)".

The main aim of the Journal is to provide active development of scientific and technological activities in the field of aviation and space technology, engineering, management, computer engineering, computer science and economics aerospace industry.

In order to develop the Journal, geographic expansion and target audience of the Journal’s readers and transition to use of modern interactive Internet technologies during preparation of the Journal, the project on creating the electronic Journal "Vestnik SibGAU" has been launched resulting in designing an Internet portal.

The Journal provides the results of research activities made by the scientists of Krasnoyarsk universities and leading specialists of defense enterprises such as "Krasmash", "Reshetnev Research and Production Association of Applied Mechanics", "Geophysics", the works of postgraduate students, staff of the institute of KSC SB RAS and other organizations. Non-resident and foreign authors publish a large amount of papers. The target audience of the Journal is teachers, researchers, specialists of enterprises, doctoral students, postgraduate students and students of the universities.

In the nearest future of the Journal it is planned to expand the geography of the authors and target audience, improve the quality of the published material, improving international scientific citation indexes and rankings.

All papers published in the Journal are free and have open access!